What services are you able to provide?

Below are a list of services that I’m currently able to provide to you. Any of these can be combined to suit your ideas or needs.

I can provide the following in the graphics design sector. These all include traditional 2D and 3D.

    • General assets such as icons, logos, banners, etc.
    • Branding
    • Responsive frontend UI & UX design¬†
    • Informational designs (such as flow charts and the like)
    • Design your website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript (or a CMS such as WordPress)
    • Create creative concepts and prototypes for your brand.

Below are the following I can provide in the video editing sector:

    • Advertisements (Facebook ad campaigns, Youtube videos, commercial products)
    • General video editing such as cutting and piecing footage together
    • Adding visual effects to your video footage. These can be anything from general compositing to advanced VFX
    • Create a visual animation for your brand
    • Create stock videos for your service, brand or product

Below are the following I can provide in the photography editing sector:

    • Edit any photos that you provide
    • Take high quality photos of your products
    • Create stock photography for your website, brand, or service

Below are the following I can provide as a writer.

    • Create and write content for your brand or product
    • Blog for your service or website¬†
    • Moderate content for your company, brand, service, or website